76x302mm Tiles

Our 76x302mm tile collection offers a distinctive and contemporary option for enhancing Australian homes and commercial spaces. This unique size is a stylish choice for those looking to create modern and sophisticated interiors.

These tiles are particularly well-suited for feature walls, kitchen backsplashes, and bathroom designs, where their elongated and slim profile can produce stunning visual effects. The size and shape of these tiles lend themselves to various creative patterns and arrangements, such as vertical or horizontal stacking, offering a refreshing departure from traditional tiling designs.

The collection features a variety of finishes to suit different tastes and design needs. Glossy finishes add a vibrant and reflective quality, ideal for brightening up spaces and creating a sense of luxury. Matte finishes provide a more subdued and contemporary aesthetic, perfect for modern and minimalist interiors. Textured finishes bring an additional dimension of depth and character, enhancing the overall design.

Colour options in this range are extensive, encompassing everything from neutral and earthy tones to bold and dramatic shades. This diverse palette ensures that there is a tile to suit any colour scheme or design vision, whether you are aiming for a harmonious look or a striking contrast.

Made from high-quality materials, these 76x302mm tiles are durable and built to last. They are designed to maintain their appearance over time, making them a practical choice for both residential and commercial applications, including areas with frequent use.

Requiring minimal maintenance, these tiles are an ideal choice for busy environments where style and practicality are equally important. Their durability and wide range of design possibilities make them a favourite for various design projects.

The 76x302mm tile collection combines modern style, longevity, and ease of care, making it a superb selection for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any interior or exterior design project.

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