Frequently Asked Questions


Samples are dispatched the next business day from order placement. You can typically expect to receive your samples within 2-5 business days. 

Please contact our sales team at to request more samples


Orders are typically packed and dispatched within 24-48 business hours from confirmation subject to stock availability. If you have ordered more than 1 type of tile, orders may need to be consolidated from our multiple warehouse locations and therefore, please allow an additional 48 business hours prior to dispatch.

Depending on your location in Australia will depend on when your order will arrive. See below for estimated arrival times for different locations in Australia; 

New South Wales
Hand unload (Small orders) – 3-4 business days from dispatch
Forklift, Crane or Tailgate unloads (Medium to Large orders) – 4-5 business days from dispatch

All orders – 3-5 business days from dispatch

All orders – 4-6 business days from dispatch

South Australia
All orders – 6-7 business days from dispatch

Northern Territory
All orders – 7-12 business days from dispatch

Western Australia
All orders – 7-12 business days from dispatch

All orders – 7-12 business days from dispatch

All orders are packed and may be collected from Sydney. When you have finalised your order on our website, please ensure to select the ‘Pick up’ option on checkout. Our Sales team will be in touch within 24 business hours to confirm your pick up location and order details.

Please contact our Sales team by email ( before placing your order. Our team will be able to discuss alternative delivery options with you depending on your location.

We offer a flat rate delivery service for all orders from $65 depending on your location in Australia and the size of your order. You will be provided with a shipping cost upon checkout of your order.


Yes. We do accept returns for exchange orders only, within 14 days from receipt of your order. Return shipping of the order must be organised and paid for by the customer and all boxes/ tiles must be in good condition. A 25% re-stocking fee applies. Please contact the Tile Touch sales team to discuss your return enquiry.

We encourage all customers to take advantage of our sample service prior to order.

Partial returns are not available. All exchange returns must be sent back in the total quantity ordered. We encourage customers to seek advice from their tradesperson regarding the order quantity and wastage requirements. 


Routine Daily Maintenance should be done using either clean water or pH neutral cleaners with a pH in the 7-8 range. These will not harm any tile, stone, grout or sealer used to protect the surface regardless of whether it is a penetrating or a coating sealer.

Heavy Duty Cleaning should only be done using alkaline cleaners with a pH in the range of 9-12.

All cleaners require time to work prior to any agitation and removal.

All cleaning, both routine and especially heavy duty, benefits from some degree of agitation prior to removal.

Never use acidic or solvent cleaners for routine or heavy duty cleaning. Acid and solvent based cleaners are problem solving compounds that should only be used when a specific issue arises that can ONLY be resolved by use of a problem solving compound. They are not for use on any type of consistent basis.

Remove spills as quickly as possible even on sealed surfaces. Removal of liquid spills is best done by “blotting” the liquid up using a dry white or colour fast absorbent paper towel rather than wiping up the spill. This way the spill is not spread over a greater area. Continue this process until the absorbent towel no longer can absorb any more liquid. Only then will you use an appropriate cleaner to remove any remaining surface contaminant. Applying a cleaner directly on the spill prior to “blotting” can lead to an increase in the size of the contaminated area as well as causing a potentially more aggressive contaminant which can be even harder to remove.

If you are having any specific cleaning or maintenance issues with your tiles, please contact the Tile Touch team who will be able to recommend specialised products for different issues you may be facing. 

Alternatively, Tile Touch recommends Aqua Mix Australia as the industry’s specialists in Cleaning and Maintenance. 

Tile Touch further recommends Aqua Mix Australia for all cleaning, sealing and maintenance products relating to Tiles and Stone. 


Ceramic or Porcelain tiles which have been glazed usually do not need to be sealed as the glaze protects the base of the biscuit from absorption. A professional tiler must be used for the installation of your Ceramic or Porcelain tiles. 

Yes, we recommend all nautral stone/ marble tiles be sealed. Further, sealing prior to installation is recommended for best results.

Tile Touch supply Aqua Mix sealing products and recommend these products for all sealing requirements. Please inquire with


In many instances ceramic tile suppliers have been requested to provide fire ratings for ceramic tiles and the like.

Fire ratings are required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) to ensure that if a building is on fire, that the material does not significantly increase the spread or intensity of a fire.

The fire ratings are generally required for new building work or major refurbishments as part of council requirements.

But why do we need our ceramic tiles and the like to have fire rating certificates when we all know that ceramics are a fire resistant material, being fired at over 1000 degrees?

The cost of conducting fire ratings for every project sounds daunting, however the NSW amendment of the Building Code of Australia 1.10 states that the requirements of do not apply if it is ceramic tile or the like and are considered ‘deemed to satisfy’ under the provision of the Building Code of Australia.

Transcript reference: Safe Environments Australia (NATA Accredited)


Slip ratings are values provided to floor tiles after undergoing a slip test. These ratings are often used by commercial clients to satisfy a certain slip requirement by The Australian Standards for different floor areas.

No. Slip ratings are recommendations or requirements for commercial applications only.

Whilst commercial slip ratings may provide residential customers with some peace of mind, it is not a requirement when choosing floor tiles for a residential home.

As a residential client, you will be required to use your own judgement and discretion when deciding if a certain floor tile is suitable for the space you are tiling. 

Please contact the Tile Touch sales team ( to discuss your intended application. Our highly experienced team will be able to direct you to the section of The Australian Standards slip recommendations which best applies to your intended application. Please see our Download Centre above to download Table 3B of the Australian Standards in relation to Slip Resistance.

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